Second hand lawn mowers

Gwilliams of Edington always has second-hand lawnmowers available for purchase.

Buying a Second-hand Lawn Mower at Gwilliams

Gwilliams of Edington offer an excellent range of pre-owned Lawn Mowers, including ride-ons, pedestrian models and lawn tractors. The availability of machines changes so rapidly that we cannot feature them individually on this web page. By the time second-hand lawnmowers have been serviced, checked and prepared ready for sale in our on-site workshop, invariably they have been sold before we can advertise them!

We ask potential customers to ring or email our sales team and leave details of their requirements and prospective budget, we will contact you when a suitable machine arrives at the showroom.

A lawn mower is the most important tool in your garden shed! Over the past few years climate change has extended the cutting season to almost twelve months. Most of us cut our grass once or twice a week in the peak of the growing season. It is vital to obtain a reliable machine that can be relied upon to last a few years. You can buy cheap lawn mowers from any DIY store, but these machines will rarely do a satisfactory job and have a short lifespan without an annual service. Far better to invest in a quality machine that has the correct specifications for your needs. Buying an overhauled and quality checked second-hand machine can be the answer to your problems.

Our second-hand stock can range from small pedestrian mowers to high-end ride ons and tractors. We deal with all the leading world manufacturers including Mountfield, Honda, Hayter, Westwood, Husqvarna and Toro. The experienced sales personnel in our showroom will be available to help you find the right machine for you!

All Gwilliams pre-owned lawn mowers are completely overhauled before they are released for sale and are ready and safe for immediate use. Our pre-owned lawn mowers are sold with a three-month warrantee, except where otherwise stated. Purchasers of Gwilliam's second-hand machines are also eligible for a reduced rate on our 'winter service' offer.

We also offer a range of STIGA robot auto-mowers for those who either don't have the time to cut lawns or don't like the job!

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